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Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

An arbitration award is binding on the parties to the arbitration. An award may, however, also be made an order of court, in which case, the arbitration award will then be enforced in the usual manner that court judgements are enforced.

The UK’s Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution defines mediation as “…a flexible process conducted confidentially in which a neutral person actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or difference, with the parties in ultimate control of the decision to settle and the terms of the resolution.”

A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their child/children after separation or divorce. It takes care of all Care & Contact arrangements, underpinned by The Children's Act, 2005.

Restructuring refers to the act of reorganising a company's structure, finances or operations for the purpose of making it more efficient, more forward-operating or more profitable. The process of restructuring a business should start with the creation of a restructuring plan.

Maintenance is the obligation to provide another person, for example a minor, with housing, food, clothing, education and medical care, or with the means that are necessary for providing the person with these essentials. The Mediation and Dispute Settlement Centre offers mediation to parties who want to voluntarily resolve maintenance disputes not referred to the Maintenance Court.

Parenting coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process in which a mental health or legal professional with mediation training and experience assists high-conflict parties in implementing parenting plans and resolving pre- and post-divorce parenting disputes in an immediate, non-adversarial, court-sanctioned, private forum.

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