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The Restatement 2d of Contracts finished in 1981, added concepts of  temporary and partial impracticability and also restitution or reliance  damages to ameliorate loss. While traditional application of such  doctrines would lead to a finding that the contract automatically  terminates, other cases state that if the frustration or impracticability is  only temporary, then so is the hold on obligations (i.e. paying rent on office  space when Santa Clara County ordinance forbids non-essential office  use). This will obviously be only temporary. 

It was during late March 2020, soon after the pandemic first made global headlines, that a group of leading mediators and mediation trainers realized on a Zoom call that the ONLY mediation then taking place in the U.S. and around the world was suddenly "online mediation." Further, we also realized that ALL mediation training was also then remarkably taking place online.