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Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

Disagreements often start when someone doesn’t want to discuss something or take a necessary action, and someone else accuses that person of avoiding. That accusation will generate a wide variety of responses based on the kind of avoidance being demonstrated. 

This article will give a brief overview of the following topics; What is evaluative mediation?, Who cares about a name?, The quest for “successful” dispute resolution processes, Why the apparent interest in Evaluative Mediation (EM)?, What are the types of EM? Eg Process; Medrec; SIMSLILC, Core description of “advice”, What are the common types of advice?—Seven types suggested, Advantages of EM, Disadvantages of EM, Consent to advice; Advice to whom? Timing? Tone? Words and images, Some standard hurdles during EM and the Conclusion

In our every day conversations we ask others a lot of “closed” questions. Closed questions are ones that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. Yes or no really doesn’t give us much information and we’re often missing out on crucial pieces of info that could help us to resolve something.

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