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Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

In franchise disputes, lawyers and parties who search for mediators drill down on mediators’ professional backgrounds, often paying the most attention to whether potential mediators have previously represented franchisors or franchisees. Despite the fact that lawyers generally don’t choose their clients – clients choose lawyers – everyone, or most everyone, wants to know if a lawyer being considered as a mediator in a franchise dispute has been identified with franchisors or franchisees.

In our every day conversations we ask others a lot of “closed” questions. Closed questions are ones that only require a “yes” or “no” answer. Yes or no really doesn’t give us much information and we’re often missing out on crucial pieces of info that could help us to resolve something.

The existence of duality is not only natural, but could be converted to an asset. A systematic effort could make that possible. Rather than following instinct out of fear, scrutinizing the scope of threat, when faced with an opposite, as well as resorting to an indefinite status quo, could create much better results, than demolishing the other. Before resorting to confrontation, decision makers are better off employing tolerance. Resisting pressure from adversaries, or mass populations, makes one capable of reasonably assessing the realistic range of possibilities.

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