Foreclosure mediation program averts hundreds of foreclosures

A state foreclosure-mediation program has helped hundreds Oregonians stay in their homes, though even more fail to reach an agreement with their lenders and thousands don't participate at all. The mediation program, launched in its current form in 2013, gives homeowners an opportunity meet with their loan servicer to discuss ways avoid a foreclosure. The program is self-sufficient, paid for through fees charged to participating homeowners and servicers.


Juvenile Dependency Mediation

As presented by Judge Diane Price in last month’s Courthouse Corner article, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution tool available for many types of civil cases. Napa Superior Court has offered a Juvenile Dependency Mediation program through Family Court Services with specifically trained experienced professional mediators since 1999. When a judge has made a determination that a child has been neglected or abused, the child may become a dependent of the Juvenile Court on a temporary basis.


How Lawyers Can Be the Most Effective Advocates in a Mediation

Mediation is a collaborative process that allows parties to reach a resolution in a way that is far more flexible than through a court proceeding. The parties’ ability in a mediation to determine the resolution of their dispute is a unique possibility in any area of the law. Winning in a mediation is about securing, to the extent possible, the interests that are most important to all the participants. Scott Brown,“Seeing the Light: From Litigation to Mediation,” ABI J., June 2013. The mediator-advocate’s approach to the mediation process from beginning to end can play a significant part in


Strengthening Troubled Sibling Bonds to Deal With an Aging Parent

ROSIE, Therese and Linda McMahan were always close, but after their father died unexpectedly in 2011, they found their relationship strained. They did not know what to do for their 84-year-old mother, Rose, and their brother, Paul, 53, who has cognitive disabilities and is in a wheelchair. The sisters tried to find an assisted-living home nearby, in the Boston area, but couldn’t. And so after many months, they decided that their mother and brother would move in with Rosie’s family in Amherst, Mass.


Elder Mediation Could Soon Become a Staple in Age-Related Care

Mom has Alzheimer's disease, your siblings refuse to talk to one another, and your kids are too busy to lend a helping hand. Somehow, all the caregiving duties have been left to you. What to do? Call an elder mediator. You may not have heard the term before, but, with an aging population, the emerging practice of elder mediation could soon become a staple in age-related care. The practice is much like other forms of mediation: An objective, arm's-length party helps resolve family disputes regarding the care of an aging loved one (anything from housing and


Facebook, Consumers Agree To Take Privacy Battle To Mediation

 Facebook will attempt to resolve a dispute with consumers who are suing the company for allegedly violating wiretap laws by scanning the “private” message that users send to each other, according to new court papers. The company and lawyers for the consumers recently told U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton that they have agreed to meet with a mediator by no later than Aug. 24. On Thursday, Hamilton signed an order sending the potential class-action to mediation.


Barbershop Raid Case Settles After Full Appeals Court Orders Mediation

 A civil rights case over a raid on a Florida barbershop has settled for $125,000, leaving unresolved a federal appeals question about whether law enforcement officers can be liable for constitutional violations committed by other officers.


Foreclosure Mediation Helps 172 Homeowners

A partnership between Ku’ikahi Mediation Center and West Hawai’i Mediation Center with support from the Third Circuit Court, has helped 172 homeowners avoid foreclosure through the Hawai’i Island Foreclosure Mediation Program. The program allows lenders and borrowers to use mediation services while in judicial foreclosure. In addition, homeowners who are in pre-foreclosures can opt for mediation as an alternative to court.


The Good Divorce

The Sunday New York Times of December 28, 2014 reports that the average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day on the site, time typically spent broadcasting one’s exploits and reading about their tens of thousands of friends’ achievements.  “Mary is getting married.” “ Sonia is graduating with honors.”  “Tim has scored his tenth touchdown.” At times, the news is not just a cheery entry; instead the writer moans about his or her heavy workloads -- a bragging event itself -- or his or her lack of sleep due to children’s demands or world travel, or….



Connie Theron, Practising Attorney - UCT Law Clinic
“While working at the University of Stellenbosch Legal Aid Clinic and later at the UCT Law Clinic, I found the pro bono mediation services of Gerrie van der Watt of the Mediation Centre to be highly professional and extremely effective in our divorce matters. It is fantastic that our clients, with little or no financial means, can benefit from such an excellent programme.

The mediators are able to provide a non-threatening environment in which the clients are able to talk openly about issues that matter most to them, but which the Court in a divorce matter may choose not to entertain. Through the mediation sessions, the clients are able to reach an agreement together which ultimately they are both happy with. In cases where mediation did not yield the result of a settlement, the process was still extremely valuable, giving the parties better perspective and highlighting the key issues in dispute.”