The Mediation Centre offers a variety of alternative dispute resolution services to suit your unique and specific circumstances. Our offices are in Brackenfell but we also operate Durbanville.

Below are the alternative dispute resolution services rendered by The Mediation Centre:
  • Family Mediation
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Elder Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Parenting Plans
  • Pre-Divorce Mediation and settlements
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Independent Arbitration
  • Workplace Disciplinary Hearings
  • Deeds of Settlement

Mediation is generally defined as the intervention in a negotiation or a conflict of an acceptable third party who has limited or no authoritative decision-making power, which assists the involved parties to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the issues in dispute.

In addition to addressing substantive issues, mediation may also establish or strengthen relationships of trust and respect between the parties or terminate relationships in a manner that minimizes emotional cost and psychological harm. 


A Philosophical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution

Conciliation is an autonomous form of conflicts settlement where the intervening third party is called a conciliator. Within the conciliation procedure, the achievement of the parties` agreement is pursued with regard to a conflict extinguishment.


10 Reasons Couples Stay in a Bad Marriage

There are thousands of reasons a relationship can dismantle — money, sex, infidelity – but regardless of the exact reasons for failure of a marriage, most people avoid taking the plunge for lack of courage.


Divorce and the Grieving Process

While there may be disagreement regarding whether or not divorce in and of itself is damaging to children, the more the adults argue, especially about the children, the more likely it is that the children will be unnecessarily harmed by the divorce.


Collaborative Divorce Plays to Your Strength

If you and your spouse are contemplating a divorce, you may feel like your lives are in emotional and financial turmoil.  Crucial decisions need to be made that will have long term effects on each of you and your children.


A Law Student’s Perspective on Collaborative Divorce

As a law student at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University I have focused my practical experience in the area of family law.


Business as usual? Mediation and the Justice system

Like many mediators I am conscious of the risk of overselling. However, in spite of having a reasonably high profile, and even its own chapter in the recent Scottish Civil Courts Review.



Connie Theron, Practising Attorney - UCT Law Clinic
“While working at the University of Stellenbosch Legal Aid Clinic and later at the UCT Law Clinic, I found the pro bono mediation services of Gerrie van der Watt of the Mediation Centre to be highly professional and extremely effective in our divorce matters. It is fantastic that our clients, with little or no financial means, can benefit from such an excellent programme.

The mediators are able to provide a non-threatening environment in which the clients are able to talk openly about issues that matter most to them, but which the Court in a divorce matter may choose not to entertain. Through the mediation sessions, the clients are able to reach an agreement together which ultimately they are both happy with. In cases where mediation did not yield the result of a settlement, the process was still extremely valuable, giving the parties better perspective and highlighting the key issues in dispute.”